Saturday, 25 May 2013

Why I am Keeping Google Keep...

Well, I didn't think I would like a note taking app quite as much as I love Google Keep.

I have used MANY note taking apps over the years from the complex (One Note, Mind Map, Evernote) to the simple (Anydo, Astrid Tasks). What I have found is that Keep beats them all handily at what it does best; it takes notes quickly and easily.

Here are a few of the features that I really appreciate:
  1. It is blazingly fast to get your notes going. As a teacher and a consultant, I find I just need a program that I can quickly take a note and sort out the info later - Keep does that job exceedingly well.
  2. You can take notes offline and they automatically synch when you reconnect to the net. Very handy on my tablets. 
  3. Colour coding your messages to sort them works very well. I can visually see what notes belong to what group quickly and easily and drag and drop them to group them.
  4. The gestures are nice. Want to remove a note, just swipe it to the side and it is archived.
  5. It synchs nicely with Drive across my accounts. That means, when I am on a different device, I can quickly access my notes, images and pictures.
  6. I love the widget - it is icing on the cake.
It also has a handy little desktop Chrome App that opens Keep up in a popup window that you can keep open and drag around the screen - very nice! LINK:

Now, to be sure, Keep is not the most fully featured note taking app out there - but that is what I love about it. It is not bloated, nor does it take forever to get a new note going. It is just plain, simple and fast...and that's why I'm keeping it around on my devices.

If you want to grab Keep for your device, go to the Google Play store.