Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pyjamas on Wall Street...Welcome to Blog

I have often daydreamed about being 'the guy' who got to decide on the status quo for modern day business attire. If I had my druthers, everyone on Wall Street would be sporting some comfy pyjamas! Just think about it...not a tight neck tie in constraints on the already tight-fisted, hypertensive business types. They could finally loosen up and enjoy the day rather than ruthlessly run the hamster wheel, trying to acquire and hoard the wealth of the world.

What would the colour of choice be? Black perhaps? Maybe banana yellow with fire-trucks or gun metal blue with some hockey players that look like their equipment wouldn't stop a beach ball (if you are a Canadian boy over the age of 30, you know what I'm talking about!). The obvious choice would be the classic teddy bears or some other cutesy animal. Imagine how threatening Steve Jobs would have looked berating an employee whilst sporting a yellow onesie that was plastered with rubber duckies. Hmmmmnnnn...the business world starts to take on a whole different shape and feel does it not?

It goes without saying that the sheer variety of p.j.'s vastly outnumbers the standard business suit. Really, whatever tickles your fancy is the order of the day. Perhaps a new era of 'jammy' bi-literalism would kick in with other countries that have adopted the same dress code. I have visions of slippers and tea, relaxed negotiations taking place over meaningful dialogue such as, "Is that Mississippi cotton or Persian cotton?" Inevitably though, the designer hacks and elitists would worm their way into my system to shatter my dream. In time there would be exclusive pyjama shops sprouting up all over Manhattan, offering exotic fabrics and fancy trimmings. Sigh...

But I can still have my dream...just think for a moment about how relaxed and non-threatening the business world could be. Financial crisis? I think not; the only crisis will be running out of cream and sugar during one of those long, yet serene business meetings where you just might find the CEO of WorldCorp reaching for his blankie as he snuggles in for the remainder of what may prove to be the deal of the century.

Welcome to The Digital Teacher's Network original. I am hoping to throw some stuff up here now and again. If I have the time, perhaps it may even become a regular occurrence.